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Josh Quick Illustrator / Front-End Dev / Animator



It’s true, I have a habit and I can’t break it. I design, draw and tell stories through pictures. Ever since I can remember, I owned a sketchbook, sharpener and drawing pencils. When I was young, my parents built our house, pouring the foundation, erecting walls and installing windows around me. I sat at the table drawing faces, monsters, animals, and scenes from movies.

My work is instantly recognizable, personal, original, and professional. The pieces I create may include the following: custom typography, stylized illustration, hand drawn brush and ink strokes, comic strips, dynamic color schemes, and catchy concepts provided in any medium you or your company may desire.

You can hire me to create any of the following: promotional materials, advertising campaigns, educational material, web design, business brochures, logos, story boards, posters, textile graphics, commissions, banners, billboards, album and book covers. From the start of a project to the finish, I am committed, efficient, flexible, independent, and confident in translating your vision into a reality. You will be pleased with my work ethic, friendly approach and artistic experience.

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